THANK YOU in advance for any contributions!

While not having these things doesn't mean you should

get discouraged from showing up, they do make for a fun hang.


If you donated to the dinner as part of your RSVP, then food is being prepared for you with vegetarian options! If you are coming of spontaneity, then arriving with a healthy dish to share (or a bottle of something yummy, but food's encouraged) is a great way to keep last-minute decisions functional for a dinner that has place settings! ...If your day got crazy, and you just need to arrive and be fed, do that...


I've always done the now-boho-trendy mismatched plates as decor, and wouldn't it be a neat amendment to societal norms if toting a small dish and portable silverware were as common as your wallet? Restaurants would take them from you as you sat, note what you ordered right on them, and you'd always be served on that same plate your grandma used with the portion size of your choice.


Most pertinently: At dinner parties, everyone would have just one dish to ​do, there would never be an empty place setting, and ​guests could take turns washing the occasional extra pasta pot.


So. There will be plenty already at the table, but if fun and easy: Bring a plate, knife, fork, spoon, and glass for your drink of choice, and a washing station at the house will make it easy for you to re-stow. 



In the spirit of tradition, let’s continue with the gifting? Bring something joy-making, an item or note or thought you’d want to share with another woman about the season, change, growth, whatever comes to mind. It can be as simple as a post-it with a quote and as elaborate as a gift of something useful to the daily or soul or a story in a card wrapped in puff paper wrapped in a box wrapped in gold-leaf wrapped in...

When you arrive to the

table, plunk down your glass at a chair and your gift anonymously on another's spot.


Fortune cookies,

American sappy style.